Slip-Over GreenScreen

Simple Installation – simply fit the GreenScreen over your existing drafting equipment.

Deployed SlipOver GreenScreen

Deployed SlipOver GreenScreen


Collapsed Position for Stowage

Collapsed Position for Stowage


Rigid SlipOver Screen

Rigid SlipOver Screens also Available (these do not collapse)


Specific Advantages:

Simple Installation – simply fit the GreenSreen over your existing drafting equipment.

Secure – when properly attached, there is no way the screen can come off of the draft line.

Self-Baffling – The existing equipment inside the SlipOver GreenScreen helps ensure there is uniform flow through all  sides of the screen.

Self-centering – the design centers the hardline when it is inserted into the screen. This helps ensure the screen will have uniform flow through all surfaces of the screen.

Selective Use – Not every drafting scenario requires a GreenScreen. The slip over design allows the user to only use it as needed.

No Threaded Connections – The Slip-Over GreenScreen accepts many suction hose and strainer diameter combinations. See the available sizes chart to verify your drafting equipment will fit inside the SlipOver GreenScreen

Instructions:  Simply insert your existing strainer and suction hose into the self-centering screen and secure the screen to the suction hose. Remove and stow as needed. The screens are not designed to be permanently installed. Regular inspection is required. The slip-over screens will not work properly on an open ended system or on a suction hose without an existing strainer attached.

Typical Suction Screen

The typical suction strainer at the end of the hose. It usually violates the approach velocity rules and also draws in excessive debris.


An existing strainer must be used that has openings 360-deg perpendicular to the flow into the existing strainer similar to these types of designs.

Each SlipOver GreenScreen comes with a stainless steel hose clamps to secure the unit to the draft line, however, the user may use rope or a bungee cord as well

Custom Design Options – Contact Zinvent. The GreenScreen designs are based on particular federal requirements for a particular fish species. Zinvent can alter these designs as needed to accommodate other requirements or other fish species.

Product Part number GPM – MAX Rating Notes
Slip-Over GreenScreen SO100 100 The user can install a suction strainer that is up to 4” in outer diameter. See Pic
SO350 300 The user can install a suction strainer that is up to 8” in outer diameter. See Pic
SO500 500 The user can install a suction strainer that is up to 8” in outer diameter. See Pic

Contact Zinvent for 2.5”, 3”, and 4” sizes.