Accessories for GreenScreen

Aids in keeping the GreenScreen off the floor of the lake or stream where juveniles, debris, or mud is typically located.


Float –

To help keep the GreenScreen off the floor of the lake or stream (where juveniles, debris, sand or mud is typically located), a flotation device can be secured to the leash strap on the base of the GreenScreen screen.

A single flotation device can support the typical drafting setup. In the case of an abnormally heavy drafting equipment, simply add additional GreenFloats individually or stack GreenFloats on one line.



When not using any version of the GreenScreen, the StrainerProp can also be helpful by itself. It will prop the strainer off the bottom of the lake or stream and help keep sands and silts from the intake holes on the strainer

Remove the common strainer and sandwich the StrainerProp between the suction hose and standard strainer. Then attach the leash on the flotation device to the flange.

The GreenFloat can still be utilized on the draft line as needed by attaching it to the leash hole on the StrainerProp.

Product Part number Hose Diameter
GreenFloat GF-1 NA
StrainerProp SP-1 1″
StrainerProp SP-1.5 1.5″
StrainerProp SP-2 2″