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SlipOver GreenScreens

The most popular and most economical method for a fish or debris screen.

Simple Installation – simply fit the GreenScreen over your existing drafting equipment.
Secure – when properly attached, there is no way the screen can come off of the draft line.
Self-centering – the design centers the hardline when it is inserted into the screen. This helps ensure the screen will have uniform flow through all surfaces of the screen.
Selective Use – Not every drafting scenario requires a GreenScreen. The slip over design allows the user to only use it as needed.
No Threaded Connections – The Slip-Over GreenScreen accepts many suction hose and strainer diameter combinations. See the chart to verify your equipment will fit.
Instructions: Simply insert your existing strainer and suction hose into the self-centering screen and secure the screen to the suction hose. Remove and stow as needed.

Each SlipOver GreenScreen comes with a stainless steel hose clamps to secure the unit to the draft line, however, the user may use a rope, bungee cord or even the stowage strap as well.

Threaded GreenScreen
Threaded GreenScreens

Screens with threaded connections for direct attachment to the suction hose.

Available with threaded connections and optional foot/check valve. Threaded connections are NH or cam-lock.

Accessories for GreenScreen


Additional equipment to help keep screen from attracting juveniles or debris.

Zinvent’s various GreenScreen Screens have Several General Advantages

Environmentally Friendly – The GreenScreen helps ensure juvenile fish species are not harmed by water transferring operations in sensitive lakes and streams.

Debris Protection – Since the size of the greenscreen is larger than normal when deployed, the water velocity moves slower through the GreenScreen. This results in the GreenScreen having a much less tendency of attracting any debris like weeds, grasses, sands, and silts. This can help ensure the longevity of the water pump.

Collapsible – To help with storing the GreenScreen on a wildland fire engine for example, the green screen will collapse to about 10% of the deployed length with the help of a stainless steel internal spring. The spring also ensures the screen maintains a deployed shape under suction forces. The collapsibility feature is very beneficial on fire engines that have very limited storage space. (side by side pic, collapsed, extended threaded)

Durable – the flexible mesh screen is ultra-tough. An inch wide piece of material can lift a 100lb weight no problem.

UV Resistant – the sun will not degrade any components on the design.

Replaceable Mesh Screen – the mesh screen is secured to the body of the screen by either a bunjee cord or hose clamp, depending on the design. This allows for easy replacement of the mesh screen if ever needed. Additional mesh screens can be ordered as needed.

Short Lead times – Zinvent understands how quickly fires occur in dry conditions. Zinvent screens can be ordered and shipped nearly immediately to any location to help supply incoming resources when fires breakout.

Recommended – See the video of the federal agency review of the GreenScreen’s first generation designs.

Available Sizes – 50GPM, 100GPM, 350GPM, and 500GPM.