Zinvent has been developing the FS screens for the past 10 years. These screens have been successfully deployed primarily on the West Coast from California up to Alaska to protect various juvenile salmon species from water pump suction forces at the end of the draft line. Zinvent’s proprietary screen is based on popular federal guidelines in the Pacific Northwest regarding the various salmon juvenile species.  Often these guidelines can be applied to other juvenile species protected by federal regulations.

Why Use GreenScreen?

Typical Suction Screen

The typical suction strainer at the end of the hose. It usually violates the approach velocity rules and also draws in excessive debris.


The typical strainer used in the field has several draw backs. Many of the designs see high suction forces at the screen face. This pulls in both juvenile fish species and misc debris. Also, many of the designs in the field have perforations that are larger than the juveniles themselves and the larger the opening, the more debris that can get into the water pump. Zinvents GreenScreen combats all of these issues and complies with federal fish screen guidelines. When the juvenile fish can swim faster than the water velocity at the screen face, the juvenile can easily swim away and escape. Many fish species in US and Canada are listed as endangered Species. The GreenScreen can help these species from further reduction.

Use Cases

Wildland Firefighting
Construction Projects
Temporary Irrigation
Water Transfer